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Our human ingenuity has delivered quantifiable performance advantages for the HVA TC65. The Factory 2.R cylinderhead for the HVA TC65 now comes with a RPPS system controlling the powervalve for the HVA TC65 and a unbreakable power-valve for the HVA TC65. Significantly improving the power output of your HVA TC65. Easy maintenance and accessibility to the powervalve combined with the excellent heat transfer capacity, high detonation resistance, extreme efficient waterflow makes this factory 2.R cylinderhead the ultimate performance parts for the HVA TC65. Without one of the rpps Factory 2.R heads winning is not an option with the HVA TC65.

Factory 2.R Cylinderhead Husqvarna TC65 + RPPS

SKU: 12200-6C2-RPPG
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