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Unleash the performance of your Kawasaki KX85 and be a winner by mounting the class leading Factory 2.R Cylinderhead produced by RR-Racing. The Factory 2.R Cylinderhead for the Kawasaki KX85 is a significantly performance improving necessity to win races. The factory 2.R Cylinderhead is machined from billet high grade Aluminium that is specifically selected by its properties for this application. It has excellent heat transfer capacity, high detonation resistance, extreme efficient waterflow, resulting in more engine power for your Kawasaki KX85 for longer. The inserts are exchangeable to suit the power delivery of the KTM SX65 to your needs. Start winning races and get your Kawasaki KX85 Factory 2.R cylinderhead ordered at your local dealer.

Factory 2.R Cylinderhead Kawasaki KX85

SKU: 12200-3C2-00E
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